L'Exercice n°7, serie Des choses qui ne sont qu'elles mêmes, 2016, stainless steel, 930x56x260 (Photo: Joel Tettamanti)

Tiago P Borges is an architect and independent researcher.
Teaching assistant at EPF Lausanne and creative worker that writes occasionally about architecture.
Currently he's looking for answers no one knows the questions to. Lives and works in Switzerland.
To find more about his past just scroll down.
To know more about his future, just send him an email: tapborges @ gmail.com

A long house, Eiras, PT, under construction
L’Exercice nº7, serie 'Des choses qui ne sont qu'elles mêmes', built
[support: Fond des arts plastiques - Ville de Lausanne]
The Vitruvian stamp, Trans, Zurich, object
#1, serie toblerone, commissioned work
The Fribourgs experiment, Belluard Bollwerk, installation, competition

Since 2014 Teaching assistant, EAST, associate professors Anja + Martin Fröhlich, EPFL
2012-13 Teaching assistant, guest professor S.Bender + Ph.Béboux, EPFL
2010-11 Teaching assistant, Lacaton & Vassal design studio, EPFL

Since 2013 nb.arch, Lausanne, CH
2008-13 2b architectes, Lausanne, CH

2016 Art Triennale, University of Lausanne, CH

2015, “Crumbs: the house of Ernst Neufert at Bugnaux-sur-Rolle”. Jornal Arquitectos, nº251. Lisboa : OA
2014, “Jacques Hondelatte’s Arteguibeille House - The Search For Non-Linearity” (with T.Postel). In SAN ROCCO 8. Milan: San Rocco
2014, “The Vitruvian Stamp”. In TRANS 24, Normiert. Zurich: ETHZ GTA, 2014
2013, “Uma Conversa” (with P.Baía). In Nu #40 Entrevistas - Antologia Crítica 2002-2012. Lisbon Architecture Triennale
2013, “Topophilie - a pedagogical experiment”. In JOELHO #4 Teaching Thought Design. Peer review Journal for Architectural Culture. Edarq
2012, “Szenen des Wohnens”. In Werk, Bauen und Wohnen 7-8 Porto. Zurich : BSA FAZ
2009, “O que é que se segue?”. In Artecapital (online journal of art)
2008, Interview EXYZT (with J.Alves). In NU #32 Ocupa. Coimbra: Nuda-AAC
2008, “Ocupar o Palais ou background architecture”. In NU #32 Ocupa. Coimbra: Nuda-AAC
2007, Interview Foreign Office Architectes (with Baltazar R., Resende P.) In NU #31 Chão. Coimbra: Nuda-AAC
2007, “Poder para quê? – Notas sobre um seminário”. In NU #30 Poder. Coimbra: Nuda-AAC
2005, “Tom Zé”. In NU #23 Brasil. Coimbra: Nuda-AAC